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Cultural photography is a genre which is on the documentary side of photography, but it can also be artistic. When I photograph, I try to capture the stories in an artistic way,         I always like my photographs to look good on the wall and have an inner warmth of humanity.  Most of these photographs are not staged, therefore they cannot be re-created.

To order a print of a photo from the gallery,  please download the photo and send to 



Long side 12" = USD 20

Long side 18" = USD 30

Long side 24" = USD 60

Paper used:  Platinum Baryta 300gsm. Borderless.

Prints are rolled and kept inside a tough recycleable paper tube.



Asia = USD 8

Europe = USD 12

North America = USD 15

Copyright note: These printed can be used for personal or commercial display,  but no re-production in digital or printed formats are allowed without prior consent from the author.

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