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Bangladesh 2016

Just came back from Bangladesh with a small group of friends. Contrary to what's reported in the media, Bangladesh to me is one of the friendliest countries in Asia. Muslim people are very gentle and extremely friendly.

It's the end of the Ramadan month, during which muslims fast in day time. At the end of the month, there's a long holiday period. Workers in Dhaka would go back to their home towns and villages, and the train stations, ferry terminals and bus stations would get over-crowded. The trip was planned to take photos of people in Dhaka during the last week of Ramadan.

Scenes in train stations and the streets:

We went to the south-east coasts too. It's monsoon season, so there's not much of fishing activities in the coastal villages. But we had some great time shooting in various locations along the coasts.

I look forward to going back there in JAN 2017.


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