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Myanmar Photo Tour - NOV 2015

Our 3rd and last tour of Myanmar for the year 2015, ended with a good morning view over the Taungthaman Lake. The clouds took the shape of, carrots? :-)

As we have seen in the pass years, the sky never fell short of dramas during this season.

We also got the mist that we hoped for in the morning in Bagan.

The area around the U-Bein bridge has always been a pleasant place for a leisurely walk, I had always taken some minutes off from the busy schedule, to see what the farmers and fishermen were doing.

We came across a big group of nuns walking on street for morning alms in Mandalay. In future, we will have one less session in the monastery and we will shoot at this location.

This was a big group from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Special thanks to my crew members, for their great help in managing such a big group. Everyone had fun and were rewarded for their hard-work, we look forward to meeting each other again!


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